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Lusitano Selection

Dear Lusitano Friends

Dear Lusitano friends,
we are very happy to share with you more news from our Lusitano Selection!

Currently we are eagerly awaiting the first offspring of our great Grand Prix stallion Feijao Frade! So you can still be curious!
The gorgeous bay filly by GROSELHA out of our main stud Coutadina de Cima is already born and will stay in our breeding. This filly is descended from the fantastic buckskin stallion ZAZU, which inherits great dressage movements!

At the same time we have already broken in a mare of our offspring, namely NIZA by our Grand Prix stallion FINCA-PÉ from our main stud Coudelaria Vieira Duque. Niza is currently broken in and is for sale. She is a talented mover and would be best suitable for someone with dressage ambitions.

Also LUA from our main stud Coudelaria Veira Duque is already well ridden and is looking for her place in life! Lua is descended from the sensational stallion Fado, who won the silver medal at the Golegã show in 2013.

At the same time our breeding season has started for our offspring 2022.
This year we have for the first time the gorgeous dark LAZARO, son of Zimbro in stud for our beautiful Lusitano mares from our own breeding. Lazaro is an incredibly talented dressage stallion with great dressage gaits. At the same time he is extremely cooperative under saddle and shows great willingness to perform.

So it remains very exciting and we have at any time a large selection of Lusitanos ready for you! Contact us today if you would like to get to know our Lusitanos; we are looking forward to meeting you!

See you soon, your Team




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