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12-year-old Schoolmaster – Level Grand Prix

With his large-framed stature, his super-soft contact and his impressive training, this Lusitano stallion is a jewel for every rider.His calm and balanced nature makes him perfect for all riders, even those who are less experienced. He is a reliable partner in any situation.

If you are looking for a horse that will give you pleasure and take you to a new level, then this Schoolmaster is the right choice. Invest in quality and experience unforgettable moments in the saddle!

Yes, that’s right! This Schoolmaster masters all lateral movements, passage and piaffe, as well as up to flying changes in series. These advanced dressage movements require a lot of training, skill and fine-tuning between rider and horse. With this Schoolmaster you can practise and perfect these demanding lessons. His experience and ability will help you take your dressage skills to a higher level. Enjoy the pleasure of riding and show off your skills with this impressive horse!
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