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Today we would like to show you a great video in which you can see how easily Finca-Pé can also be ridden with a snaffle. Finca-Pé is an absolute schoolmaster in a class of his own! With his calm and composed manner, he shows that he keeps his nerve in every situation and is a real pleasure to ride at home and also at dressage competitions. His absolute willingness to perform makes him the perfect partner for someone who wants to take their riding to the next level. Be inspired by this video and see for yourself how harmonious and trusting the relationship between rider and horse can be.



This 13-year-old Lusitano gelding is a true all-rounder!

With his impressive elegance, he not only masters the lessons of classical dressage but also the demanding lessons of working equitation. His harmonious interaction with his rider makes some hearts beat faster. Whether in the dressage arena or in the working equitation arena, this talented Lusitano gelding enchants with his appearance. Would you like to find out more about him or are you looking for a Schoolmaster for yourself with whom you can enjoy your riding skills at a higher level? Then visit us and get to know this beautiful Schoolmaster. Location Portugal.



Opportunity; Handsome baroque young stallion by Mozart

We are pleased to present you our charming baroque offspring Lusitano stallion. This jewel is ready to find his new home and conquer the world together with you.
This Lusitano stallion not only impresses with his interested and inquisitive nature, but also with his characteristically baroque conformation and harmonious movements. With his exceptional pedigree and noble temperament, he is a promising candidate for future dressage and show careers. His Palomino sire Mozart is also in training with us in Portugal and is currently being piaffeed. We assume that his offspring will also reach his impressive height of 1.67 cm. Mozart is a true family horse and free of stallion behaviour.
If you are looking for a talented and decent partner who will faithfully stand by your side, then he is just right for you! He is lovingly cared for and is currently learning the foal ABC. He enjoys his daily exercise and spends the night in the stable. He is currently still at home at our main stud in Portugal near Lisbon. But he is now ready to enchant you with his charm.



Dreamlike Lusitano mare for sale

This gorgeous 8 year old Lusitano mare is looking for a new home to continue her riding career and to find her place in life. With her charming nature and impressive charisma, she will be a real eye-catcher in any stable. Would you like to have this pretty Lusitano mare in your stable? Then contact us for more information. Easy to ride, gentle and incredibly docile, she masters lateral movements, passage, piaffe pirouettes and flying changes effortlessly. Motivated in the dressage arena and also interesting in terms of price; who would like to get to know this dream horse? It is not surprising that her dam was shown at Grand Prix level.

Price according to quality.



13 yo Lusitano Stallion black

First-class Schoolmaster and black beauty for sale

Exciting opportunity Alert! Don’t miss out the chance to own this magnificent, beautiful black Lusitano Stallion! He is perfect for riders who appreciate elegance and power. Contact us for further information. Are you looking for a reliable Schoolmaster? Here is your chance! This experienced and well-trained partner is just waiting to pass on his knowledge and skills! Are you interested? Then contact us for more information. For serious inquiries only and for riders looking for a first class schoolmaster.



Grand Prix Lusitano

This 11-year-old Schoolmaster is an absolutely exceptional horse and really worth his price!

With his large-framed stature, his super-soft contact and his impressive training, this Lusitano stallion is a jewel for every rider.

His calm and balanced nature makes him perfect for all riders, even those who are less experienced. He is a reliable partner in any situation.

If you are looking for a horse that will give you pleasure and take you to a new level, then this Schoolmaster is the right choice. Invest in quality and experience unforgettable moments in the saddle!

Yes, that’s right! This Schoolmaster masters all lateral movements, passage and piaffe, as well as up to flying changes in series. These advanced dressage movements require a lot of training, skill and fine-tuning between rider and horse. With this Schoolmaster you can practise and perfect these demanding lessons. His experience and ability will help you take your dressage skills to a higher level. Enjoy the pleasure of riding and show off your skills with this impressive horse!
We will be happy to give you more information. Price according to quality.


Lusitano Fuchs Hengst

Lusitano chestnut stallion Ref#2024

This Lusitano is a dream heartbreaker in every respect. His passage is very expressive and he is very rideable and comfortable to sit. Nevertheless, it is time for this wonderful stallion to find his place where he can continue to develop all his potential.


Lusitano mare white with rider

Opportunity: This talented 11 year old Lusitano mare is for sale

We are pleased to present to you today an exceptional Lusitano mare
This beautiful mare has reached an impressive level of training and has already mastered advanced lessons such as lateral gaits, flying changes, passage and piaffe as well as canter pirouettes.
She is a rarity and offers both experienced riders and ambitious young riders a great opportunity to take their riding career to the next level.
If you are looking for a four-legged partner to help you succeed in dressage competitions as a Schoolmaster, this Lusitano mare is for you! With her impressive talent and exceptional training, she is sure to catch everyone’s eye.
Do not hesitate and contact us for more information about this wonderful Lusitano mare. She is ready to share her skills and talent with her new owner. Location Portugal near Lisbon. For more information please contact us via WhatsApp +41 (0) 79 458 75 04.



Lusitano Stute

Lusitano mare REF#2019

Hello! Thank you for your interest in our Lusitano mare with the reference number 2019. We are excited to introduce you to this true raw diamond! This stunning young mare is not only incredibly rideable but also extremely well-behaved when it comes to handling.

One of her standout features is her beautiful baroque exterior, which is sure to impress. She is the perfect match for someone with dressage ambitions. Currently, she is undergoing training with us and is already being ridden at a basic level.

This young Lusitano mare is part of our Lusitano Horse Selection and is currently being further developed under our care. If you’d like more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can contact us anytime! She is located in Portugal, near Lisbon, at our training stable.

To get in touch with us, you can reach us via WhatsApp at +41794587504. Feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries. We are here to assist you!



Unique opportunity; this dream stallion is for sale!  Finca-Pé (NIN 241015)

Finca-Pé is an exceptional talent, a movement artist with a lot of power. Together with David he belongs to the top 10 in the Portuguese dressage ranking and is trained up to Grand Prix level. A perfect Schoolmaster for someone who loves horses that are ready to perform or who wants to start actively in dressage. We would be happy to advise you personally. Finca-Pé comes from our main stud Coudelaria Vieira Duque and comes directly from the breeder! Contact us via WhatsApp +41 (0)79 458 75 04.

Finca-Pé (NIN 241015).


Ponte de LimaPonte de Lima

Ponte de Lima

We were also represented at the horse festival in Ponte de Lima and our team showed a great performance. Congratulations to our Dream Team David with Finca-Pé, gongratulations to David with his young talent Nabo de Pucara and congratulations to João with the gorgeous Lazaro  for their great performance!


Palomino Lusitano StallionLusitano with RiderLusitano Stallion with rider

We have fantastic stallions for your mare on offer!

These fantastic stallions from our Lusitano selection come from top-class dressage lines and convince with their gentle nature paired with willingness to perform. Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

Mozart (NIN 294515).

Lazaro (NIN 282820).

Grand Prix Stallion Finca-Pé  (NIN 241015)

Grand Prix Stallion Feijao Frade.




Dear Lusitano friends,
Finca-Pé has won his first Grand Pris with David!
Congratulations to David and Finca-Pé for their great achievement!



Dear Lusitano Friends

Dear Lusitano friends,
Finally the time has come; Lazaro was licensed yesterday with 68.75% ! This dreamlike heartbreaker shows himself extremely talented, cooperative and absolutely willing to perform. His temperament is very pleasant and balanced and he is always eager to give his best! This elegant young stallion in a beautiful dark coat comes from our Selection, was trained by our team, and to our delight may remain in training with before he will start his journey to Switzerland to his happy new owners. Lazaro is now available as a breeding stallion and fresh semen is available on request.
So it remains exciting and we are looking forward to tell you more about the development of Lazaro.
Until then stay healthy and best regards!
Your Team




Do you recognize this rough diamond?

….It’s our Nabo!
This top-class young stallion is descended from the absolutely fantastic Califa II (Coudelaria Torres Vaz Freire) x Violeta, who comes from our main stud Coutadinha de Cima.
Nabo is already giving us an idea of his future qualities and we are very excited about how he will develop.
At the moment he is showing his best side while he is getting used to the rider.
We are already looking forward to the further development of these talented young stallions!




We expect the first offspring of Feijão Frade in spring 2021

You can be happy; in spring 2021 we expect the first foals by our Grand Prix stallion Feijão Frade!




This fantastic Lusitano stallion will be available for breeding in spring 2020!

Feijao Frade comes from the breeding of our main stud Coutadinha de Cima and shines by his lovely nature in combination with unbelievable willingness to perform and strong nerves!
Together with his breeder David Rafael Almeida Olsansky he currently ranks 4th in the Portuguese Dressage Ranking and is the current winner of the Rota Lusitana Small Tour 2019! Take this opportunity and reserve your fresh samen for the breeding season 2020 today!

All information is available on request!





David is now with two horses in the TOP 10 in the St.Georg & Inter I / Small Tour Ranking (Portugal):

With Feijão Frade on place 4 & with Finca-Pé on place 8 ! Both stallions are from our main studs Coutadinha de Cima and Coudelaria Vieira Duque! Congratulations for this outstanding performance!!!




Visit our offspring 2019!

Our first foals of the season 2019 are born !
Here you can see our beautiful young stallion out of Gargalhada x Elmo da Broa (Veiga). Visit us and let yourself be enchanted by our foals! Contact us today by E-Mail:



Congratulations on the Award “Campeão da rota Lusitana 2019”

The proud owners and breeders of Feijão Frade; David and his father receive the trophy of the Rota Lusitana ! Congratulations on this great performance!



Congratulations to David for this excellent performance in Santarém with Finca-Pé!

We congratulate David and Finca-Pé for their great 2nd place in the CDN  Inter I competition in Santarem!



Congratulations to David for this excellent performance in Companhia das Lezirias with Feijao Frade!

David and his stallion Feijão Frade from his own breed Coutadinha de Cima were on 2rd place in the CDI3* competition!

We congratulate them for this outstanding performance!

-Photo Credits by Rui Godinho-

Congratulations to David for this excellent performance in Vale de Ferreiras / Abrantes with his Lusitanos!

David and his stallion Feijão Frade from his own breed Coutadinha de Cima were on 3rd place in the CDI3*** competition and on 2nd place in the CDI !

With the stallion Finca-Pé from the stud Coudelaria Vieira Duque, David has taken the 1st place in the competition CDE Inter I.

We congratulate them for this outstanding performance!

-Photo Credits by Rui Godinho-

Congratulations to David & Feijão Frade for the 7th Place in Portuguese Dressage Ranking!

Dear friends of the classical riding art! We congratulate David and Feijão Frade for their advancement  into the Top Ten!
They are currently occupying the 7th place place in the Portuguese Dressage Ranking!
Congratulations for this incredible performance!


The Almeida Lusitanos team congratulates David and Feijao Frade for the great 4rd place at the horse festival in Golega! (Inter I Freestyle)

(Film rights belong to Rui Godinho)


The Almeida Lusitanos team congratulates David and Feijao Frade for the great 3rd place at the horse fair in Ponte de lima! (Inter I Freestyle)


The Almeida Lusitanos team congratulates David and Feijao Frade for the 3rd place
in St. Georges in February 2018! Feijão Frade is his Grand Prix Horse from his Stud Coutadinha de Cima.


The Almeida Lusitanos team congratulates David and Finca-Pé for the great 1st place in Ponte de Lima in November 2017!


Botaterio (Ogiva x Ula Ula ) from our Stud Coutadinha de Cima was Champion of Champions in the UK in 2011.



Zas Tràs  (Hectar x Ba-Una) ) from our Stud Coutadinha de Cima was Champion of Champions  in the UK in 2008.

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