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Partner Stud Coudelaria Vieira Duque (MMD)

Coudelaria Vieira Duque stud, also based in Nisa, is Coitadinha de Cima’s closest partner.Horse breeding and riding is a Vieira Duque family tradition that made the stud as it is today.

The first mares were selected from breeders such as António Castro Pereira Van Zeller Palha,José Assis Pereira Palha and Joaquim Pedro Beirão Freire Torres. The first stallion was Gavião,bred by António Eugénio Cortes Paím dos Reis. Its use for three consecutive years fixed thegenetic traits to be used in the future.

More recently used stallions include Gavião (AP), Peralta Pinha (LEM), Mosaico (MMT) and Rubi(SOR). The horse Finca-pé (MMD), from the stud’s own breed, was officially approved forbreeding in 2015.

In 2014, Coudelaria Vieira Duque started a new project crossing some of their finest Lusitanomares with a KWPN stallion in order to obtain a “luso-warmblood” horse. These animals wouldbe used in a sports context, potentially reaching higher scores in dressage and showjumpingcompetitions, while maintaining the noble character of the Lusitano horse.