Welcome to Almeida Lusitanos. With us you will find lovingly reared Lusitanos from foals to Grand Prix horses first hand directly from the breeder!

Coutadinha De Cima

The Stud Coutadinha de Cima is based in Nisa, a small town in the heart of Portugal. Mares and their offspring are kept on the pasture the whole year, which contributes to the robust character of this breed. David Rafael Almeida Olsansky manages the stud of his family, breeds Pure Sangue Lusitanos (PSL) and trains them himself until the Grand Prix level. His current Grand Prix horse of his own breed is the stallion Feijão Frade.

Coudelaria Vieira Duque

Also in Nisa is the partner stud Coudelaria Vieira Duque. The uncle of David Almeida Olsansky leads this stud with great passion. A true pearl of horse breeding. David trains the current stallion Finca-Pé for his debut at the Prix St. Georg.

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