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Mozart (NIN 294515)

This gorgeous heartbreaker in a shiny, golden jacket not only impresses with his gentleness, but also with his breathtaking appearance. His golden coat shines in the sun and makes him really shine. With his gentle and friendly nature, he is the ideal companion for riders of all experience levels.
His baroque build and harmonious movements make him a real eye-catcher in any arena. Whether you are interested in dressage, working equitation or leisure riding, this Lusitano would delight you with his versatility.
In addition to his beauty and talent, he also has sound training. He has mastered the basics of dressage and is currently learning the more demanding lessons such as the piaffe with ease. With his lightness and natural balance, he is a pleasure to ride. With his height of 167 cm, he is also suitable for taller riders.
If you are looking for a palomino stallion with a pleasant, honest and balanced character, the best pedigree and a stately height of 167 cm for your broodmare, then Mozart is the perfect breeding stallion for you.

An absolutely impressive young stallion by Mozart is currently for sale! This jewel is looking for a loving home where he can fulfil his potential.

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